Woman with a Small Dog and a Black Belt Surprise Would Be Attacker

A man who decided to start a crime in Myrtle Beach South Carolina learned that it’s never a good idea to try and threaten a woman who walking her little dog. In this case, he found that he wasn’t prepared to deal with the immediate consequences.


The incident took place on a Wednesday afternoon. The victim, oblivious to any danger, and her small terrier were enjoying an evening stroll on the 400 block of 28th Avenue North when she was approached by a man who sent off bad vibes.

The woman’s first thought was for her little dog. She didn’t want it to be hurt so she dropped the leash and prepared to meet her assailant.

“He put me in a choke hold,” she said. “The only thing I could think of was to elbow him in the stomach, turn around and punch him in the mouth,”

What her attacker didn’t realize until that very moment was that he wasn’t dealing with a helpless woman who liked small dogs. In reality, his intended victim was a woman who had worked hard to get a Black Belt in karate and she wasn’t going down without a fight.

She didn’t have to fight long. In a flash, her assailant realized he’d bitten off more than he could chew, released her and bolted. The last time anyone spotted him, he was running in the direction of Ocean Boulevard.

The woman reported that for the most part she is okay. She did complain of a sore neck and her knuckles split open and needed to be bandaged up. She told police that the man was on the short side, only about 5’6” and she guessed he weighed about 170 pounds. He didn’t have any facial hair and as a result of his encounter with her, he also has a busted lip.

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The little dog did not appear to be fazed by the attempted attack or his human mother’s brave actions.

“I don’t know what I like most about this particular story. How much I admire and respect this woman, or the idea that the next time this particular low life considers attacking someone, he’ll probably think twice about it. I hope that I hear about his arrest soon,” said Joseph Sandefur, managing partner of a top personal injury firm at joeandmartin.com/myrtle-beach. “I think this story perfectly illustrates why more women and men should take the time to learn the basics of self-defense. Once that happens, I have a hunch I’ll be helping fewer people sort out liability and financial issues connected to personal injury cases.”

Had this woman been unable to defend herself and been hurt by her attacker, she would have been well within her rights to file a personal injury lawsuit against him, putting her in a position to collect any actual and punitive damages she sustained as a result of the attack.

Innocent Dog Walk Ends with a Stabbing

South Carolina police arrested Marcos Perez, age 20, after he attacked and stabbed a man who was walking his dog past Wesley Matthews Elementary School. Although none of the injuries were life threatening, the dog walker did sustain multiple injuries to his face, hand, and neck as a result of trying to defend himself during the attack.

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According to police reports, Perez asked his victim if he knew what time it was. After the dog walker looked away, Perez attacked him with the knife. He was aiming for the dog walker’s neck.

Police report that the dog walker had never met Perez before and that the victim did nothing to provoke the attack. Following the incident, the dog walker was admitted to Kendall Regional Medical Center to have his defensive wounds treated.

kendall_regionalPolice weren’t able to detain Perez until the next day when they found him in the same general area as the attack. The identified him based on the description provided by his victim.

When questioned by the police. Perez not only denied that he was involved in the attack, he also stated that he was at home at the time of the incident. His mother disagrees, stating that he was out of the house. She also told police that her son had a violent history.

Both Perez and the victim were brought to the police station where the victim identified Perez in a photo lineup. After that, Perez was charged with attempted murder.

“It will be interesting to hear more details of this case and the defendants background,” Joe and Martin managing partners of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in South Carolina said when he learned of the details of this particular case. “Regardless of what triggered the attack, I strongly urge the victim to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Based on the facts I’ve been told, he should have a strong civil case and is entitled to a personal injury settlement. He doesn’t have to wait until the conclusion of the criminal case to start the process.”

Although each case is different, whenever someone is injured by someone else or as a result of someone else’s actions, they’re entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. This case is completely separate from any criminal trial that may take place. A person can even be found innocent of the criminal charges and still find themselves paying a court ordered settlement as a result of the civil case.


According to www.joeandmartin.com, a good personal injury lawyer will review the details of your unique case and guide you through the legal process. Not only will they help you determine how much of a settlement you can ask for, they will also help you determine who to name as the defendants in the case.

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