Locker Room Tumble Leaves Tennis Star Concussed

The United States Tennis Association recently found itself facing a lawsuit, which was filed by popular star, twenty one year old Eugenie Bouchard. According to the paperwork she filed, the association failed to make sure that the locker room the star’s used during the U.S. Open was safe. As a result she slipped and hit her head hard enough to sustain a concussion.

Bouchard is a serious athlete with an impressive record, including finishing second a Wimbledon. At one time Bouchard who represents Canada, was ranked number five in the world. According to her lawsuit, not only did the locker room slip and concussion cause her an enormous amount of pain, but her inability to be on the tennis court while she waited for the concussion to heal resulted in a great deal of economic loss.

The star was returning, victorious, from playing a round of mixed doubles. Shew as in the physiotherapy room in the Billie King National Tennis Center when she lost her footing on something unidentified but slippery and fell. Her head struck the floor, which resulted in the concussion that kept her off the tennis courts.

The concussion was so severe she was not only forced to withdraw herself from the U.S. Open, but she also had to withdraw from Asian tournaments where she was expected to do well. The impact the injury has had on her career is undeniable. Since that day, her world rank has slipped 13 spots, and it’s widely believed that it will slip even further.

At this point, the United States Tennis Association has not commented on the situation. This is not unusual, the organization has long had a policy about not discussing any lawsuits of any type while they are still active in the court system.

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Most falls result in a broken bone or concussion similar to the one suffered by Bouchard.

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