Plaintiffs Awarded Millions in Risperdal Lawsuit Settlements

settlement_3While it’s true that Risperdal has been successfully used to help patients manage symptoms of schizophrenia, autism related irritability, and bi-polar disease, the drug isn’t without side effects. One of the most alarming side effects that some boys who have taken Risperdal have experienced is gynecomastia, which is the development of breasts. Individuals who have files lawsuits against Risperdal manufactures claim that they hadn’t realized there was a link between the drug and gynecomastia and if they had known, they might not have opted to use the drug as part of their treatment.

In December 2015 a Risperdal lawsuit that made its way into the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was won by the plaintiff. After hearing the details of the case, the jury determined that the manufactures really had failed to provide adequate warning about the potential risk of gynecomastia. The plantif was awarded a $500,000 settlement which was for compensatory damages.


The Bernstein Liebhard LLP who handled the case, Sandy A. Liebhard, was pleased with the final results. “This is the fourth time a Pennsylvania jury has found that Risperdal’s label warnings pertaining to male breast development were inadequate, and the third time a gynecomastia plaintiff has been awarded compensatory damages. Our Firm is representing a number of Risperdal clients who are alleged to have suffered similar complications, and we are pleased with the outcome of this case.”

During the trial, the jurors learned that the plaintiff started using Risperdal when he was 11 and before 12 months had passed, he’d developed breasts. In addition to the fact that the drug had led to gynecomastia, the plaintiff was also upset that Risperdal was being used to help treat his Tourette’s syndrome even though the drug hadn’t been approved for the disease. The plaintiff felt the drug had been improperly marketed.

Risperdal isn’t a new drug. Doctors have been prescribing the antipsychotic drug to patients since 1993, but weren’t able to prescribe it to pediatric patients prior to 2006.

risperdal-side-effect-lawsuit-lawyer-attorney-4The development of the gynecomastia in the boys who have been prescribed Risperdal as part of a treatment program for cognitive issues such as bi-polar disease and schizophrenia is troubling. Many of these young men already struggle in social settings and don’t have the mental and emotional tools needed to survive the teasing they often get when it becomes clear that the drug has triggered gynecomastia, and the trauma they suffer as a result can haunt them and impact every choice they make for the rest of their life. Simply stopping use of the Risperdal once the gynecomastia starts generally isn’t enough and the patient has to have the breast tissue removed either via liposuction or surgically.

If you or one of your dear loved ones is struggling from Risperdal induced gynecomastia, the best thing you can do is arrange for a consultation with an experienced lawyer. They will help you file a Risperdal lawsuit and stand by, making sure your legal rights are respected through each step of the legal process. For more information about Risperdal lawsuits, visit

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