Police Lose Carjacker When Hot Pursuit Leads to Car Crash

54c54a91b55d1.imageIn January, one of California’s police officers was in a hot pursuit of a carjacker when he suddenly found himself in the middle of a car accident. According to the police report, the officer was pursuing a white Ford Taurus and which he believed had been stolen at gunpoint when the patrol car slammed into a non-police vehicle. As a result of the accident, the carjacker was able to escape. So far, the police don’t have any leads that they can use to help capture them.

“The best thing about this story is that no one got hurt,” said Drew Warren, managing partner at a top personal injury Philadelphia law firm. “Too often these types of cases end up with one or more of the passengers suffering from broken bones, lacerations, or head injuries. The incident does go to show how quickly a work day can become a work accident. If an injury is the result of any workplace activity, the victim owes it to themselves and their loved ones to file an occupational personal injury lawsuit.”

There are any number of things that can result in an occupational personal injury, everything from the employer’s failing to take the appropriate safety measures, to the employees not paying attention when they hurry from Point A to Point B. In the case of the police officer, had they been injured in the accident, it would have been the result of bad luck and bad timing.


It has come to Warren’s attention that many people in California are reluctant to file an occupational personal injury claim against their employers. He has found that the main reason potential clients balk is because they’re afraid that they did something to cause the accident, or that it will appear to be a disloyal act.

A third reason some people are reluctant to file the claim is because they’re worried about how long they’ll have to wait for the matter to be resolved. The average person only wants to file a personal injury claim against their employers when the employer has been neglectful about maintaining a safe work environment.

20140218__20140219_A8_CD18KNOXp1If you’ve been injured while on the job, you have to understand that you are going to have expenses as a result of the injury.It’s likely that your health insurance company will only cover a portion of the hospital bills, forcing you to dig into your savings to handle the additional expense. It’s also likely you won’t be able to work while you heal, which puts additional strain on your budget.

Filing a personal injury claim is the best way for both you and your employer to make sure the injury doesn’t have severe financial repercussions. As long as your employer is properly insured, the insurance company, not your employer, who will pay the settlement. Most of these types of cases are quickly settled during the negotiation phase of the legal process so you don’t have to worry about going through a lengthy waiting period.





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