What to Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Law You’ve been dealing with insurance companies, just trying to get a straight answer about when your medical claims will be paid. Your medical bills are mounting and even being around a car feels like a traumatic experience. That car accident changed your life and you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope. How will you ever be able to find the right person to help you?

Thankfully, most reputable personal injury law firms in Florida offer a free consultation. This is a great opportunity to meet the lawyer that will help you wade through the legal process. A free consultation with a lawyer will help you assess not only the legal merits of your case, but also help you find a lawyer that you trust. Here are a few questions you should ask to help you choose a johnbales.com personal injury attorney.

Don’t be shy! Once you’ve told the Florida personal injury lawyer about your case, ask them about their experiences with similar cases. Feel free to question them about how frequently their cases settle or go to trial. A good lawyer will feel comfortable discussing his successes and experiences.

Chance of Success or Failure
During a consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to describe some of the specifics of your case. While any discussion of success or failure will be conjecture, it is still a good idea to ask what an attorney thinks of your case and whether he or she believes it will be successful. After all, this is what they do for a living. A good personal injury lawyer will honestly discuss your case with you.

No one likes discussing money, however if you choose to move forward with your case, you’ll be entering into a legal contract with your lawyer and will need to know how much it will cost you. Pay attention to how an attorney discusses this with you.

There are two aspects to communication. In regards to your personal injury case, you’ll want to know who your main point of contact will be and how you will be communicated with. Will you be speaking directly with your lawyer, or will you be speaking with a paralegal moving forward? Will you receive letters informing you of court dates and paperwork needs, or will someone personally call you?

As you’re delving through your potential case and the attorney’s experience, there are also some questions you should be asking yourself.

Do I trust this person?
Do you feel comfortable talking to the lawyer? Do you feel like you are being listened to? Only you can answer these questions. It’s important to pay attention to how you feel during your consultation. Do you feel like you are being spoken to like a partner? If the answer to these questions is yes, that’s great!

Will I be a priority at this law firm?
Knowing how you will be communicated with and who your main point of contact will be will help you ascertain the priority of your case. In addition, consider the size of the law firm and the number of cases they deal with. Do you feel like you’re being rushed out the door, or do you feel like the attorney is trying to understand you and your needs?

Once you’ve considered these questions, you’ll be better able to pick the personal injury John Bales Attorneys in Florida that will best meet your needs, helping you to get the settlement you deserve. If you still have questions about the merits of your case, the resource section of the American Bar Association website may help you decide whether you should move forward with your Florida personal injury lawsuit.

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